COVID-19 Update: Pharmacy rotations continue, all in-person classes cancelled

    Dean of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences provides March 15 updates on University and Faculty functions during COVID-19 outbreak

    By Dr. Neal M. Davies on March 15, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving in Alberta. The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FoPPS) will comply with the directives from the Alberta Government, Alberta Health, and the University of Alberta accordingly.

    As such, there will be no in-person classes tomorrow in the FoPPs, Monday March 16, 2020. In addition, there will be no in-person graduate classes in the FoPPS at this time. All Entry-to-Practice PharmD students in first, second, and third year are expected to stay at home. The Health Sciences Library, student lounge, and PBL rooms will be closed.

    Licensed pharmacies will remain open in Alberta, in our communities, our hospitals and other settings. Pharmacists and student pharmacists provide essential patient-centred clinical services. Our health care training and expertise is vital to the public and our patients during this pandemic. It is in times like these that we must personify the oaths we have taken for our patients. Experiential rotations for student pharmacists, as such, will continue in pharmacies and all other settings accordingly. It is possible that preceptors or students may be unable to work due to illness, and if that is the case, please stay home and contact Student Services.

    The Dean’s Office Suite, Finance, and Student Services will be open tomorrow. There will only be one open entrance from the atrium into the office suite. We are currently not aware of any COVID-19 positive cases within the FoPPS at this time. Out of an abundance of caution, there are currently Faculty, staff members, and students who are in self-isolation, or are home on sick leave. Given the closure of all K-12 schools and childcare centres in Alberta, there will be additional Faculty and staff who will need to adjust their schedules accordingly for their personal needs and health.

    Nevertheless, the University of Alberta currently remains open, and we will continue our regular day-to-day operations, including research, online learning, and administration. We will all practice judicious hand washing, social distancing, and, when necessary, self-isolation. Please update the Dean’s Office if necessary or if you require further guidance.

    I assure you that we will overcome all these current obstacles by working together as a team.


    Neal Davies BSc(Pharm), Ph.D. R.Ph.

    Dean of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences