7.5 Medical

Section 7.11 in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Graduate Program Manual provides details on approved leaves of absence.

Graduate students are allowed up to two weeks of paid sick leave per year.

Graduate students requiring an extended leave of absence (e.g., Maternity Leave, Parental Leave, Medical Leave, Compassionate Leave) must submit an Application for Leave of Absence for approval by the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Appropriate documentation will be required in order to ensure that the student is allotted the appropriate amount of time for completion of degree requirements. Graduate students who are considering application for a leave of absence should contact the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Studies Coordinator to ensure that the appropriate documentation is submitted to Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Long-term leaves of absence are paid in differing amounts depending on the funding source. For example, Articles 15-17 in the Collective Agreement Governing the Academic Employment of Graduate Students provides information on remuneration during maternity, medical, or compassionate leaves, respectively.