Application Process

Before you complete the Preliminary Application, check that you meet the admission requirements for the program for which you wish to apply. 

*Please note, meeting our minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

Our Review Process
The review process normally takes six to eight weeks, although this can vary with the number of applications being received. Only individuals selected for further processing will be contacted.

Reasons you will not hear back from us:

  • we receive far more admission applications  than the number we can admit
  • your application was not successful in the existing pool of applicants
  • there was not a satisfactory supervisor match available 
  • our faculty has a limited number of spaces available in our graduate programs each year which unfortunately limits the number of successful applications
Our ability to accept students into our graduate programs is limited by the supervisors availability, research facilities, and funding.  We receive far more applications to our programs than we can accommodate.


In order to deal with applications in a timely manner and to reduce the cost to applicants, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has adopted a two-step process for application to its graduate programs:

  1. complete and submit the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences' Preliminary Application Form
  2. only applicants we have contacted may move forward to step two. The selected applicants will receive detailed instructions from the Graduate Studies Office.

Please do not send any documentation unless you have been contacted.
Please do not directly contact academic staff.


Complete the Preliminary Application in full and submit as per the directions on the application form. Applications that are not complete will not be considered. Do not forward any documentation at this time. We will review your preliminary application carefully. 

Based on this review, your application may not be acceptable:
  • because you do not meet the minimum admission requirements
  • because your application is not competitive                                                                              
    *Note: only highly qualified first-class honors students will be considered for admission
Your application may also be circulated to potential supervisors with two possible outcomes:
  1. No faculty member is interested to act as your supervisor.
  2. If a faculty member agrees to act as your supervisor, we will invite you to start a formal Application for Graduate Admission.
We thank all applicants for their interest in applying for graduate studies admission in our faculty, however, we will only contact individuals selected for further processing.


If you are a successful applicant you will be contacted by the Graduate Studies Coordinator with further instruction.