Facility and Equipment


The Centre houses a GMP compliant Classified Cleanrooms for production and packaging, a GLP compliant prototype product development and Quality Control Laboratory on the third floor Katz building at the University of Alberta.

Cleanroom Gowning area

Cleanroom formulation facility (class 10,000)

Cleanroom filling area (class 1000)

Prototype laboratory


DDIC researchers offers their expertise in formulation of special and conventional dosage forms ranging from tablets and capsules to microemulsions, ointments, creams and nanoparticles. The equipment is suited for small scale development of dosage forms and scale-up capabilities of the equipment is an important factor for projects allowing successful transition to commercial production.

Double Cone Blender Single Cone Blender

Tube filler Ointment mill

Product Development

Main product development equipment and clinical trial material equipment housed at DDIC include -
Mixers and Blenders
Analytical Balances
Rotary tablet press with instrumentation
Freeze Dryer
Spray Dryer
Emulsification equipment
Suppository maker
Grinders for controlled size reduction
Capsule filling equipment (000, 00, 0, 1)
Blister packaging
Customized labelling
Ointment maker and dispenser
Containment chamber
Fluid Bed granulator
Water Purification system

Screw Capping Machine Tablet Counting Machine

Fluid bed dryer Tablet Press and de-duster

Quality and Performance Characterisation Equipment

The quality control and performance testing labs are equipped with modern analytical equipment including -
Thermal activity monitor
Dissolution testing apparatuses (1, 2)
Franz Cell (for performance testing of special dosage forms)
Flow through Cell (for performance testing of special dosage forms)
Soxhlet extraction apparatus
Disintegration testing apparatus
Tablet hardness tester
Friability tester
Weight Checker
Thermal conductivity tester
HPLC Systems for chemical analysis
Stability chambers

Dissolution testing apparatuses HPLC System

Weight Checker Capsule Filler

Quality Statement
The center performs all activities in accordance with regulatory guidelines and organizational accountability requirements. We are committed to scientific excellence, superior quality standards and effective project management in all collaborative and third party research.

The Quality Management System was designed to minimize the risks and establish checks and balances to avoid deviations. The facilities and equipment comply with the regulatory requirements as per the GMP and GLP guidelines. The documentation practices are at par with the industry standards and ensure proper control, data accuracy, traceability and accountability. A LIMS system supports the logistics and material management of the Centre.