Forensic Psychiatry Residency Program

The goal of the forensic psychiatry residency program is to train residents to become outstanding and versatile forensic psychiatrists. A successful completion of this 12 month program is a prerequisite for the Royal College examination in Forensic Psychiatry. Up to two positions have been funded annually.

Our program has adopted a Competency by Design (CBD) curriculum, an outcome based approach to learning and assessment. Residents are exposed to a broad range of training experiences. Our inpatient services at Alberta Hospital Edmonton have over one hundred forensic beds and include two maximum security designated forensic units. The training here is focused on court ordered assessments and report writing, along with risk assessment, risk management, rehabilitation and reintegration in the community of patients under the provincial Review Board. Our outpatient forensic services offer treatment and outreach services for forensic population; residents are also involved in the assessment and treatment of individuals in sexual behavior and spousal violence programs. Our Young Offender programs have been recognized for leadership in rehabilitation of adolescent offenders. Both inpatient and outpatient services provide a unique exposure to young offenders undergoing a variety of court ordered assessments or treatment. Throughout the year, residents are trained to provide oral testimonies for tribunals and courts, including Edmonton Mental Health Court. Remand centres and correctional facilities give residents more opportunity to be involved in court ordered assessments and to attend correctional clinics.

Our program offers a variety of elective opportunities in the above settings, civil forensic psychiatry, or forensic research. 

Program Overview