TEC Edmonton feeling the VibeDx

8 December 2009

VibeDx™, a potential University of Alberta spin-off company, has developed a technology to help back pain sufferers. Dr. Greg Kawchuk, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy in the Faculty of Rehabiliation Medicine and inventor of the VibeDx™ technology, has been working with TEC Edmonton to create the company. From technology transfer to business planning, Kawchuk, PhD, has been supported by the TEC Edmonton team in the commercialization process.

VibeDx™ is a new technology for diagnosis of spinal abnormalities, injuries, and pathologies that holds promise to improve long term outcomes and quality of life for millions of back pain sufferers.

Kawchuk has especially appreciated the great leadership that Cameron Schuler, TEC Libin Executive-in-Residence, has brought to the table.

"Cameron is fully engaged and excited by the product. His insight is tremendously wide," Dr. Kawchuk said. "He is always on top of things. He is ahead of us, leading the way."

TEC Executives-in-Residence are the veteran business professionals on TEC Edmonton's team. These individuals have been successful in starting and growing companies and they have the industry expertise and connections to help evaluate and advise entrepreneurs.

Kawchuk believes that the reason VibeDx™ is having the degree of business success that it is, is due to the help he has received from TEC Edmonton. Schuler's vast business knowledge, experiences, and boards that he sits on, as well as the support of the TEC Edmonton team have all been important elements in the process. Working with TEC Edmonton's tech transfer experts and market analysts, VibeDx™ has their IP protected, market researched, and the development of their business plan is underway.

"I'm very excited about the potential of VibeDx™ and thrilled that I've been able to build marketing, financing, and regulatory roadmaps to help strategize their path to market," said Stephanie Minnema, TEC Edmonton market analyst.

Through the financing strategy and TEC Edmonton's grant advice, VibeDx™ has applied for and received a $24,900 block grant from AHFMR.

"You couldn't ask for a better team to open up doors. There isn't a place where Schuler doesn't have a contact to get us what we need," Dr. Kawchuk said. "We are living a real plan right now with goals and timelines."

Cameron Schuler's commentary on what has made the project successful to date, "At the outset of our partnership Greg and I defined roles and responsibilities. The intersection of his scientific expertise as a Canada Research Chair and my business background has worked extremely well. I have had many business partnerships and I couldn't ask for a better experience."

Currently VibeDx™ will be working with design engineers to develop a prototype of the technology that is market ready.

"We have a good team. It's been wonderful," Kawchuk said.

About the University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
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