Stars in Rehab Med shine at the 2014 RMSA winter gala

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine Student Association (RMSA) honoured instructors and students at the annual winter gala on Saturday, February 8.

Jeannine Guérette - 13 February 2014

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine Student Association (RMSA) honoured instructors and students at the annual winter gala on Saturday, February 8, at the Meridian Conference Centre in Edmonton. More than 320 people - almost 100 more than last year - were in attendance to celebrate the achievements of the recipients.

Faculty Teaching Awards

Esther Kim, PhD, from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, received the Faculty Academic Teaching Award. In the four years Kim has been with the Faculty, she has established herself as an exceptional teacher, research supervisor and mentor. She has a well-articulated teaching philosophy and continually strives to improve the quality of student learning.

The Faculty Sessional Teaching Award was presented to Heather Bredy from the Department of Physical Therapy. For the past 14 years, Heather has been teaching musculoskeletal physiotherapy to PT students in varying capacities and shaping her students' clinical practice at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic and Corbett Hall Student Physical Therapy Clinic. She continually looks for ways to improve her teaching and ability to connect with students.

The Faculty Graduate Teaching Assistant Award went to Maxi Miciak from the Department of Physical Therapy. She is always well prepared both as a teaching assistant in class and at the Rehabilitation Research Centre where she helps her fellow graduate students with their research. Miciak's students and colleagues describe her as being dependable, approachable, down to earth and an overall asset to PT.

Clinical Educator Awards

Jon Ashmead was awarded the Physical Therapy Clinical Educator Award because of his amazing ability to relate to his students. He communicates with them like a colleague but shares his experience and knowledge like a mentor. His students say he expects the perfect amount from them and challenges them accordingly.

Jamie Maschmeye and Sandra Freeman received the Clinical Educator Award in Speech-Language Pathology. When a speech-language pathology student's placement fell through, Maschmeyer and Freeman rallied to take on the extra duty of supervising her at the last minute. Throughout the placement, they maintained excellent communication with the student and each other because they supervised different days. Their teamwork, excellent organizational skills and willingness to step up, helped further their student's clinical abilities and independence.

Kara Cammidge received the Occupational Therapy Clinical Educator Award for the enthusiasm she shows for her profession and the example she sets for her students. Throughout her student's placement, Cammidge did her best to try and provide her with multiple learning experiences and encouraged her to try new things.

RMSA Excellence in Teaching Award
Corilie Schmitz from the Department of Occupational Therapy, has been described as one of the most approachable members of the department. She is always ready to give advice, suggestions, assistance and to talk about any issues a student might be having with their class or placement. She takes on more responsibility then many others, but handles it with grace.

Lu-Anne McFarlane's students describe her as having an enormous passion for speech-language pathology. She took on the additional role of a clinical educator when the former one left on an unexpected medical break. She approaches each lecture with excitement and provides her students with a number of resources to further develop their clinical skills.

Crystal Maclellan from the Department of Physical Therapy is a knowledgeable, patient and understanding professor that is passionate about the subjects she teaches. She always waits for her students' feedback during class to ensure they have understood the content fully. She also uses a variety of different teaching methods to ensure that students with different learning styles can understand the subject matter.

RMSA Scholarships

Sandy Van Kleeck believes that volunteering helps one connect with their community. She enjoys fun fitness and is always attempting to promote physical activity. Sandy believes in preventative health care and is excited to become involved in an elective that teaches kids about healthy bodies. She has also represented her profession through workshops, galas, conferences and programs related to physical therapy.

Even though David Knechtel goes to school full-time and is raising a family, he is still committed to campus and community service. His current volunteer work includes visiting families in the community on a monthly basis and serving as a presidency member for a local church organization. He recently published an online interactive digital presentation to promote occupational services to interdisciplinary teams.

For Sarah Beddie, working in the community is what motivated her to pursue a career in speech-language pathology. Currently, she volunteers as a professional development coordinator and helps organize the OASIS conference. She also volunteered for the Military and Veterans' Health Research Forum which taught her more about working in a new environment.

RMSA Award of Excellence

Chantal Moen received the RMSA Award of Excellence because of her passion to enable individuals from all walks of life. She has shown leadership through her commitment to advocate for occupational therapy. This drive led to her involvement in the creation of an educational series for clients with age-related macular degeneration. Through her work as a therapy assistant, Chantal has helped create a higher quality of care for clients.

Congratulations to all the recipients!