Physio Moves Canada brings cross-Canada research tour to Corbett Hall

Western University physical therapy professor David Walton visits UAlberta Department of Physical Therapy to discuss mobility, innovation in practice

Amanda McCarthy - 27 July 2017

On Wednesday, July 26, Physio Moves Canada lead David Walton and his team took their cross-Canada tour to the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine to discuss innovations in physical therapy practice and education as well as what the future might hold for the profession.

Walton, whose tour will include stops between Newfoundland and British Columbia, received a demonstration of the distributed learning technology from the Department of Physical Therapy's Mark Hall and Geoff Bostick. The Double robot technology was also on display, with Calgary satellite clinical education coordinator Bryce Rudland at the helm.

The Physio Moves Canada team also stopped by the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab for a demonstration of the wheelchair mobility lab and a run-through of the virtual reality system which will be used to for therapists and patients in the field.

A special thanks to the Physio Moves Canada team for making Corbett Hall and the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine one of their tour destinations.

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