Rehab Med researcher receives prestigious Canadian Armed Forces award

Suzette Brémault-Phillips received the Command Commendation for her ground-breaking work with military personnel

Amanda McCarthy - 03 July 2019

Suzette Brémault-Phillips has committed her career to the health and well-being of military, veterans, public safety personnel and their families.

Now, they're taking a moment to give back to her.

The associate professor and researcher from the University of Alberta's Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine was presented with one of the highest recognitions a Canadian civilian can receive-a Command Commendation from the Canadian Armed Forces.

A prestigious award, the commendation recognizes deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty. Although it is rare, civilians may be honoured for their activities if they are of benefit to the command or the Canadian Armed Forces.

The commendation was awarded to Brémault-Phillips last month by Lieutenant-General J.-M. Lanthier, commander of the Canadian Army.

"Receiving this award was a complete surprise to me. I felt very humbled and honoured," said Brémault-Phillips, occupational therapist, associate professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy and director of the Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC).

Over the last five years, Brémault-Phillips has been a major influence in the plight for more research, education and supports when it comes to the health and well-being of the Canadian military, veterans, public safety personnel and their families. With her continued leadership, HiMARC actively promotes and works to advance innovative health and wellness for these individuals.

The award recognized Brémault-Phillips for several major achievements.

"A valued member of the 3rd Canadian Division Performance Advisory Group, Dr. Brémault-Phillips has served as a stalwart champion for the integration of Mission: READY, thus facilitating important culture and mindset change that is essential to developing resilient tactical athletes for operations at home and abroad. Passionate about serving military members and first responders, she has passionately encouraged collaborative opportunities between the Canadian Army, the University of Alberta and Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium. In the absence of a formal working relationship between these entities, Dr. Brémault-Phillips invested her personal time to inform the development of a growth and resilience pilot programme that leverages arousal control techniques taught by the Road to Mental Readiness and seeks to weave these strategies into the daily lives of our men and women through innovative, experiential and integrated approaches across all domains of health. Her interventions related to curriculum development and performance measurement have been critical and will continue to be essential to the advancement of this strategic imperative," the certificate read.

Congratulations to Suzette Brémault-Phillips on all of her many great achievements both as an associate professor and as the director of HiMARC.