'Above and beyond': Rehab Med faculty and staff receive prestigious commendation awards from Canadian Armed Forces

Seven faculty and staff members were recognized for providing higher-learning opportunities to the Royal Canadian Medical Service

Amanda Anderson - 18 November 2019

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, along with several of its current and former faculty and staff members, were recently honoured with a Canadian Armed Forces, 1 Health Services Group Commander's Commendation for their exceptional efforts in accommodating higher-learning spaces for the Royal Canadian Medical Services' annual National Medical Technical Workshop.

The workshop, which took place over February 19 to 21, 2019 and welcomed 41 Canadian Armed Forces members, was held, in part, in Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine shared lab spaces, including a cadaver lab-a major highlight among participants of the day.

"I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Rehabilitation Medicine staff for going above and beyond and to the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine for the partnership we continue to cultivate," said Colonel S. F. Malcolm, former Commander, 1 Health Services Group in his letter of appreciation.

The Commander's Commendation was presented on October 25 to seven current Rehab Med faculty and staff members by incoming Commander Colonel John Crook at the Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC) Military and Veteran Health-Care Appreciation Panel at Corbett Hall. Associate Dean, Professional Programs and Strategic Initiatives Bernadette Martin accepted the faculty's commendation on behalf of Dean Bob Haennel.

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff on their recognitions:

  • Rhonda Ashmore, physiotherapist, Department of Physical Therapy
  • Suzette Brémault-Phillips, associate professor, Department of Occupational Therapy and director, Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC)
  • Stuart Cleary, clinical associate professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Shawn Drefs, director of continuing professional education, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Chelsea Jones, military collaboration coordinator, Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC)
  • Bernadette Martin, associate dean, professional programs and strategic initiatives, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Iain Muir, clinical assistant professor, Department of Physical Therapy

"It's an honour to receive such a high recognition from the Canadian Armed Forces," said Dean Bob Haennel. "We value their partnership and support when it comes to our military and veteran programming in the faculty, including the newly established Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC). We are proud to continue to support future initiatives from the Royal Canadian Medical Service through our Rehab Med and UAlberta spaces whenever possible."

To view the highlights of the commendation presentation and the Military and Veteran Health-Care Appreciation Panel, visit our Facebook Page.