Rehabilitation Medicine's Calgary satellite campus celebrates 10 years

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine's Calgary Satellite Campus celebrated its 10th anniversary.

28 June 2023

Did you know that the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine is the only provider of physiotherapy and occupational therapy training programs in Alberta? Our faculty brings a huge range of training opportunities to learners, and just as much variety in treatments for the people we serve.
On June 23, graduates, preceptors, students, faculty, staff and special guests of Rehabilitation Medicine’s Calgary Satellite Campus celebrated its 10th anniversary. In September 2012, recognizing the shortage of trained physiotherapists and occupational therapists in southern Alberta, the faculty opened the satellite campus to train more students and fill those gaps.
Over the last 10 years, the Calgary Satellite Campus has graduated 168 occupational therapists and 146 physical therapists here in southern Alberta. And, after clinical placements across the surrounding communities, the majority of these amazing rehabilitation medicine grads are now practicing professionals in those communities. They run businesses, offer much-needed medical services, and as clinical preceptors they contribute to the education of the next generation.