Early Years

Leading research in children's health and wellness

Researchers in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine are leading discoveries in understanding, assessing, managing and promoting health and wellness in children and their families. Our researchers are making noteworthy strides in improving the development, inclusion and quality of life for children facing challenges to their development and health.


Spotlight on Discoveries

mother and son look at smartphone together

Student research team creates app to reduce barriers for multilingual families

Free app aims to improve home-to-school connection for families who don't speak English at home



Accessible developmental screening tools needed to ensure children from diverse backgrounds have proper support

Tools that aren’t adapted to diverse cultures or languages make it a challenge to identify which children could benefit from early intervention, says U of A expert.



Invention is designed to switch thoughts into action

Imagine children with severe mobility issues being able to move their wheelchairs with their minds. That’s the idea behind a new brain-computer interface being developed by researchers at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary.