Brain and Mind

Leading research in neuroscience and mental health

Researchers in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine are leading discoveries in understanding, assessing, managing and preventing diseases and disorders of the brain and nervous system. Many of our researchers are at the frontier of brain research, uncovering how the brain functions and developing groundbreaking approaches to improving outcomes in mental and cognitive health, movement disorders and developmental challenges.

Spotlight on Discoveries


How to build resilience and boost your mental health

Doing small, simple things like getting outdoors or expressing gratitude can go a long way to helping us look at things differently and boost our mental health, according to a U of A expert.



Researchers developing bioengineered ‘bridge’ to help heal spinal cord injuries

Pioneering U of A researcher part of an international project to develop bioengineered gels that can act as a bridge to help regrow damaged nerve fibres.



Put on your thinking cap: mild electrical stimulation could boost cognitive ability

Experimental treatment shows promise for a variety of people looking for a brain boost, from pilots and athletes to people living with dementia.