Research Chairs

David Magee Endowed Chair in Musculoskeletal Clinical Research

Held by Dr. Lauren Beaupre, whose research focuses on functional recovery, health-related quality of life and health services utilization in musculoskeletal patient populations, with an emphasis around preoperative, perioperative and postoperative care.

This chair was named after one of the world's foremost physical therapists, was established by Edmontonians Harold and Cathy Roozen and is the first endowed chair in physiotherapy in Canada.

Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience of Literacy

Dr. Jacqueline Cummine is studying how the brain is wired to support literacy. She and her research team are exploring how the various regions of the brain “talk” to one another to make activities like writing an email feel automatic.

Canada Research Chair in Spinal Cord Injury

Dr. Karim Fouad is focused on neuroplasticity mechanisms (the brain and spinal cord’s ability to reorganize itself by creating new neural connections) to develop treatments that help people recover after spinal cord injury.