Living Well

Leading research in the prevention and management of chronic conditions

Here in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, our researchers are leading discoveries in understanding, assessing, managing and preventing long-term impacts associated with chronic health conditions. We are constantly developing innovative approaches to preventing or improving the quality of life for those living with the consequences of many common conditions including arthritis, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease and the impacts of normal aging.

Spotlight on Discoveries

covid voice strain

How to save your voice while social distancing

Vocal strain from virtual work and face masks common, U of A experts say

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Grief over death of animal companions needs to be taken more seriously, says researcher

“Disenfranchised grief” can compound wellness challenges for older women living alone

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Long COVID: ‘Is this going to be my new normal?’

Researchers are partnering to help improve life for Canadians dealing with lingering symptoms of COVID-19.

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