GLA:D Back Clinician Information

 Upcoming training for clinicians

The next training session for clinicians to learn how to provide the GLA:D® BACK program will be October 21 & 22, 2023. 

The training is offered virtually via Zoom. Day one of the training runs from approximately 7:45am until 2:30pm. Day two of the training runs from 7:45am until approximately 3:30pm. 

The price for the weekend training course is $540 CDN. The link to register is:

For clinicians who completed the course for the pilot project in 2019, recertification to continue to provide GLA:D Back is required at a reduced fee of $270. The registration link if this applies to you is:

Who is eligible to become a GLA:D Back Provider?

Eligible GLA:D Back clinicians include physiotherapists, chiropractors and occupational therapists licensed in Canada. Each individual must have a minimum of 2 years of FULL TIME clinical experience in Canada including working with a chronic musculoskeletal population. If you are a kinesiologist or certified exercise physiologist who is already a certified GLA:D Hip & Knee clinician, you are also eligible to register for the course directly, as you have already met eligibility criteria through GLA:D Hip & Knee.

Other professionals may have the qualifications and experience to be eligible to provide the program and need to demonstrate this experience to the GLA:D Back Canada team. These professionals include:

  • certified exercise physiologists (CSEP-CEP),
  • kinesiologists with extensive experience working in rehabilitation clinics.

If you believe you have the relevant additional training and experience you will need to apply to take the course by providing a:

  • CV that provides details on clinical work including clarification of the hours (e.g. full time or part time 20 hours per week),
  • letter/job description that clearly outlines clinical experience,
  • letter from their manager describing how you will work with this chronic musculoskeletal population within your employment situation.

Through this documentation each individual needs to demonstrate that they have:

  • at least 2 years of FULL TIME independent clinical experience working with individuals with chronic disease, including working with individuals with chronic musculoskeletal conditions
    • Note that time as a student or volunteer does NOT count towards this time requirement
  • experience leading group education and exercise sessions.

Documentation needs to be sent to

The application will be reviewed by the GLA:D Back Canada team and the individual notified of their acceptance to register for the training course. Please do not register for a training course until you have received this notification.

Job descriptions/qualifications that do not typically meet the criteria are:

    • Osteopathic training
    • Athletic Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • individuals working under the direction of another health care practitioner (e.g. PTAs)
    • individuals who run group based programming only (e.g. aerobic instructor, yoga instructors)
    • individuals working exclusively with a younger/healthier clientele (e.g. sports or strength/conditioning instructors)