ABCp - The Alberta Back Care pathway

What is ABCp (the Alberta Back Care pathway)?

The ABCp is a University of Alberta research project for primary care physicians and their patients who have low back pain. The project provides evidence-based ways to address low back pain at no-cost (or low-cost) to patients. To participate, a physician must be enrolled in the project and their patient must meet the project's inclusion criteria and agree to participate. After completing a 10-minute history/exam procedure, the physician can place their patient into one of 6 evidence-based pathways having a specific prognosis, intervention and follow-up plan. In some pathways, the intervention is the GLA:D Back program which provides education and/or exercise in small-group settings (in-person or via Zoom). At all times, patient oversight remains with the PCN physician who will receive full reporting.


For patients - information about accessing ABCp

For persons having low back pain, your physician must be enrolled in the project for you to access the ABCp and you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must speak and write in English
  • You must have access to the internet
  • You must not be receiving care or compensation from the Worker's Compensation Board or receiving care or compensation as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
  • You must not be pregnant or within a year of your last pregnancy. 
  • You must be allowed by your physician to exercise 


For patients - Primary Care Networks (PCNs) using ABCp

Currently, the following PCNs have physicians who are using the ABCp. Note: Not all physicians belonging to a participating PCN are enrolled to use the ABCp. 

  • Edmonton West PCN
  • Edmonton South PCN
  • Edmonton Oliver PCN
  • St. Albert & Sturgeon PCN
  • Calgary West Central PCN
  • Sherwood Park - Strathcona County PCN
For physicians and staff - Waiting Room Materials

ABCp flyer. Click here.

ABCp rack card. Click here. 

  • ABCp schematic (May 15, 2021). Click here.
  • Consent to contact (C2C) form (Nov 26, 2021). Click here.
  • Edmonton West PCN - referral form for patients needing GLA:D Back programs (Dec 21, 2021). Click here.
  • Edmonton Oliver PCN - referral form for patients needing GLA:D Back programs (Feb 16, 2022). Click here.
  • Edmonton South PCN - referral form for patients needing GLA:D Back programs (Feb 22, 2022). Click here.
For physicians and staff - ABCp training links and videos


Contacting the ABCp

If you would like more information about the ABCp, please email