CBC's Canada's Smartest Person Season 2 - U of A

23 April 2015

The premiere of "Canada's Smartest Person" was the country's number one new series of the 2014 Fall television season. With the introduction of our groundbreaking app we received over 6.6 million page views and over one million challenges were completed. The revolutionary CBC show has been an international as well as a domestic success, with the format rapidly being acquired in various countries abroad.

The focus of this stirring CBC series is to show the country that there is a lot more to intelligence than simply being a math whiz or a trivia buff or having a high IQ score. Heading into our second season, our Casting Team is searching for Canadians who are ready to put their smarts to the ultimate test! Season 1 featured some incredibly intelligent individuals from all walks of life: an Olympian, the youngest surgeon in Atlantic Canada, a firefighter, CEO's and company directors, a stay-at-home mom, teachers, novelists, a radio host, an artist, grad students and even a cheese salesman! Peter Dyakowski, a lineman from the CFL and Braden Lauer, a law student from British Columbia have both captured the coveted title. So, remember that "Canada's Smartest Person" could be anyone - even YOU!

We are currently scouring the country for 'Canada's Smartest People', and we thought some of those very people might be hiding right in your very social circle. We are approaching some of the country's most astute citizens. So, please also be sure to forward along this email to the "best and brightest" and in your circle.


"Canada's Smartest Person" is guided by the theory of Multiple Intelligence and the idea that there are many different ways people can be smart. In fact, there are six! Competitors will be tested in the following brain-bending categories: linguistic, physical, musical, visual, social and logical. We test in all of these different areas to distinguish the Canadian with the most comprehensive and versatile overall intellect. The theory of Multiple Intelligence has redefined what it means to "be smart" and only a rare few excel in all of the different categories.


We have attached our casting notice and would really appreciate if you would distribute it amidst your circles and share it with anyone you feel might be interested. Selected candidates from the application phase will be contacted for an interview and further testing over the months of May and June 2015.