Funding Opportunity - DENT-STAR undergraduate and DENT-STAR graduate prizes

20 April 2015

It is with pleasure that we announce the inaugural launch of two new prizes for our School of Dentistry (SoD) students.

The object of the DENT-STAR undergraduate and the DENT-STAR graduate prizes are to recognize the excellence of research done by undergraduate (DDS and DH) or graduate students (MSc and PhD), respectively in the Department of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) at the University of Alberta.



There will be two prizes: a $500 per DENT-STAR Undergraduate prize and a $1,000 DENT-STAR Graduate prize. These prizes will be awarded annually.



  • Applicants for the undergraduate prize must be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time in the DDS or DH curriculum at the time the research was performed. Applicants for the undergraduate prize must be first author of the abstract and must have been or will be the presenter of the research at a national or international meeting; or co-author on the article being submitted for the prize. Article is defined as a manuscript accepted or published within the previous 12 months.
  • Applicants for the Graduate prize must be a graduate student (MSc. or PhD) registered in a graduate program within the SoD and research must be conducted while the applicant is registered as a student. Applicants for the graduate prize must be first author on the article.

Deadline for submission
  • The deadline for submission is Friday May 15th .

Additional information about these prizes may be found in the attached DENT-STAR Prizes Committee: Composition and Terms of Reference or the attached DENT-STAR PRIZE - 


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Heather Good at or (780) 492-4469.