DDS Frequently Asked Questions

Are letters of reference a requirement for admission?
No. Applicants to the DDS Program at the University of Alberta are not required to submit letters of reference. Reference letters received by the Admissions Office will be returned to the sender.
I am attending a post secondary institution in Alberta, will I receive credit for my courses in the DDS program pre-professional requirements?
Applicants who attend a college or university college in Alberta should consult the Alberta Transfer Guide (ACAT), to confirm if their coursework will transfer. For example, ENGL 231 completed at Medicine Hat College would transfer to the University of Alberta as ENGL 1XX (3) or AUENG 1XX (3). This indicates unspecified English credit may be transferable into any U of A Faculty, including Augustana campus. The course is not close enough in content to receive a specific course credit, however, it will transfer as a English option.
Is it possible to transfer from another dental program to the University of Alberta DDS program?
We do not accept any advance standing or transfer students from other dental schools.
Is the classics, history or philosophy university level courses equivalent to the English pre-requisite requirement?
Classics, History or Philosophy at the university level do not meet the English pre-requisite requirement for the University of Alberta DDS program.
What high school subjects should be completed to prepare for the pre-professional requirements?

It is recommended that students have the following grade 12 subjects in order to complete the pre-professional requirements: English Language Arts 30-1, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30 and Pure Mathematics.

Equivalent high school subjects from other provinces are listed in the University of Alberta Calendar.

When a course appears in the Alberta Transfer Guide transferable only as AUXXX transfer credit, what does that mean?
This means a course transfers specifically to the Augustana Campus at the University of Alberta. If a course transfers to the Augustana Campus it may be used in the Overall GPA calculation for admission purposes, however, it may not automatically be used towards a pre-professional requirement, nor guaranteed as transfer credit into a non-Augustana program.
Will a criminal record prevent licensure to practice dentistry?
The Registrar of the Provincial licensing body may refuse to issue a license to practice dentistry to any applicant possessing a criminal record. If you have any concerns, contact the licensing association of the province you wish to practice in.
Will repeated coursework be included in my OGPA?
If you repeat a course only the first passing grade will be considered. For University of Alberta coursework a grade of D and above is considered passing. Grades of D+, D, D- and F are considered deficient for transfer coursework (i.e. courses not completed at the University of Alberta). If a passing graded is attained no credit will be granted if the course is attempted again.