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Alumni perspectives

Editorial staff - 14 June 2016

Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback to our recent alumni survey. The information you provided is invaluable to our future alumni relations activities. From problem-solving skills to pride, here are just some of the warm fuzzies you sent our way about your experiences as science students.

"It was when I arrived in graduate school (MIT, dept. of chem.) that I realized that I had received an outstanding undergraduate education [at the U of A]; I was able to step right into their graduate courses with no difficulty."

"I'm very proud of my PhD from the University of Alberta. I was in the Department of Chemistry, which has a top-notch program-one of the best in the country I'm convinced."

"I have great memories and experiences at the U of A in general and in the Faculty of Science in particular. My whole family is connected to the institution. I'm proud to be an alum and proud of the U of A's accomplishments."

"I am extremely proud to be a U of A graduate, especially in the Geological Sciences where the University is recognized internationally for the quality of education and research. Edmonton is my hometown, so being able to speak fondly of my education and the reputation of the University is very important to me."

"It's been a long time since I was at UofA, but that hasn't diminished the value of what I learned there. It served me well while I was employed, as it does now that I am retired and do much volunteer work."

"My Math/Science education was very important to my future. I was in the Honors Math program 1962-66 which provided me with the groundwork for reasoning through many issues in my career and life."

"My experience in the Department of Mathematics continues to actively influence how I structure my thinking and how I explain my thinking to other people. I cannot overstate how valuable it was."

"I am extremely grateful for the quality education that I received while a student at the Faculty of Science. It hugely contributed to me securing the career that I am in now."

"I really enjoyed my education at the U of A. I made some excellent friends and volunteered for some really interesting student groups during my time there."

"The most useful and memorable part of my time at the Faculty of Science was the time I spent as a field assistant working for professors on their projects. The most valuable aspect of my education in the Faculty of Science was developing critical thinking and understanding the world through a scientific lens."

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