Adjunct Professors

Term Date





31 Dec 2022 Berardi, Luca PhD, University of Alberta Assistant Professor, McMaster University, Social Psychology Criminology - poverty, violence and victimization in social housing projects and prisons
30 Sept 2021
Guillaume Durou PhD, Universite du Quebec a Montreal Associate Professor, Campus Saint-Jean, Sociology Inequality, Social Theory, History
30 Sept 2021 Trevor Harrison PhD, University of Alberta Department of Sociology, University of Lethbridge Canadian society, political sociology, public policy.
30 June 2020 Kevin Jones PhD, Brunel University Research Associate, Department of Rural Economy and the City-Region Studies Centre - University of Alberta Environmental sociology; science and technology studies; social policy studies; risk, governance and the environment.
30 June 2020 Naomi Krogman PhD, Colorado State University Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Professor, Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology Sustainability sciences and education, sustainable consumption, environmental policy implementation, institutional changes to resource management, wetland policy, integrated resource management, graduate student supervision
31 Dec 2022 Michelle Meagher PhD, George Manson University Professor, Department of Women's Studies - University of Alberta Feminist cultural production and cultural theory
30 June 2019 John Parkins PhD, University of Alberta Professor , Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology - University of Alberta Environmental studies and ecology
30 Sept 2021 Maryam Razavy PhD, University of Alberta Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine Religion, Sociology, Islamic bio-ethics,
30 Jun 2021
Rafico Ruiz PhD, McGill Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Alberta Mediation and social space, Environmental Studies, natural resource engagements
30 June 2020 Sarah Stahlke PhD, University of Alberta Associate Professor, Nursing Professional knowledge/marginalized knowledge/epistemic injustice, professional regulation, critical management studies, entrepreneurship/institutional entrepreneurship/professional role innovation, gender and work
30 June 2020 Chloe Taylor PhD, University of Toronto Associate Professor, Women's & Gender Studies Foucault, feminism, and food politics