Awards and Funding

Department Administered

Undergraduate Essay Awards 

Deadline to Apply: August 31 (annually)

Sociology Undergraduate Essay Award

Sponsored by the department, this award is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in a sociology course who have written an essay or term paper as part of the course requirements (excluding Sociology 401, 403, 407 and 408).


1st Place              $100 Book Prize and Citation

2nd Place             $50 Book Prize and Citation

3rd Place             Citation

Theory Undergraduate Essay Award

Sponsored by funds from the Bill Meloff Memorial Teaching Award (2013-14 to 2022-23 inclusive), This award is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in a Sociology course who have written an essay or term paper as part of the course requirements (excluding Sociology 401, 403, 407 and 408). The paper must be theoretical in focus, although it may address empirical or policy-relevant topics.


1st Place              $100 Book Prize and Citation

Eligibility and How To Apply
  • The nomination year is from September to August (includes Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer).
  • A paper can only be submitted for one of the awards - either the "Sociology Undergraduate Essay Award" or the "Theory Undergraduate Essay Award", but not both.
  • Each instructor may nominate up to three essays annually.
  • Students may self-nominate papers, but may submit only one paper per nomination year. (In a situation where multiple papers have been submitted for one student in a nomination year, the student will be given the choice of which paper should be considered and which of the two awards it should compete for).
How To Apply
  • Nominations (paper and completed nomination form) must be received by the Undergraduate Advisor (5-27 Tory) by August 31. The nomination can be submitted electronically to (preferred), or a hard-copy can be dropped off in 5-27 Tory or placed in the Assignment Drop Box outside 5-21 Tory.
  • Papers must be submitted in the original form without alteration, comments, or marks. Also, the student's name, ID#, course number and instructor's name must be removed from the paper, to assist with the anonymity required during the adjudication process.
Award Notification
  • The winning essays will be selected in the fall term following the nomination deadline of August 31.
  • Prize recipients will be notified through their University of Alberta email address, and will be able to pick up the award in the Department of Sociology or arrange for it to be mailed to the mailing address they specify.
  • Award recipients will be advertised in the Sociology Undergraduate Newsletter and on the 5th floor Tory in the Department of Sociology.

Centrally Administered Awards

There is now one central application for continuing and convocating scholarships and awards (with the exception of athletics funding and study abroad awards).  The application is open from January 15 - April 1, with awards announced in June.  The application portal can be accessed through Bear Tracks. Please see Undergraduate Awards for more information.

Charlene Marshall Memorial Award in Sociology

Funded by friends and family of Charlene Marshall

Conditions: Awarded to students with a GPA of 3.0 or greater enrolled in any year of a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology or Criminology. Selection based on academic standing. Preference given to honors students with financial costs associated with University approved educational travel opportunities.

Examples of eligible educational travel opportunities include, but are not limited to, attending conferences, training or work seminars, study abroad programs, and work experience programs.

Captain Edward M (Ted) Kates Memorial Scholarship in Criminology
Endowed by Margaret and Maxwell Kates in memory of their son Captain Edward M (Ted) Kates.

Conditions: Awarded annually to a student in the BA (Criminology) Program who has attained the highest grade point average in the third year of study while carrying 30 units of course weight in that year. Scholarship money will be divided equally among recipients in the event of a tie.
Dr Carlo Caldarola Scholarship
Endowed by friends of the late Dr Caldarola.

Conditions: To be awarded annually on the basis of superior academic achievement to a student entering the fourth year of the BA (Honors) program in Sociology.
Dr. Frances A. Puffer Scholarship in Sociology
Endowed by Dr. Karel Puffer, P. Eng., in memory of Dr. Frances A. Puffer, a University professor, educator, mentor and advisor to many.

Conditions: Awarded to a student with superior academic achievement (minimum 3.5 GPA) entering the third year of a degree program in the Faculty of Arts majoring in Sociology. Selection based on academic standing with preference given to a student with a record of community service and/or volunteer activity.
Pierre Robin Award
Endowed by friends of Pierre Robin.

Conditions: To be awarded annually on the basis of satisfactory academic achievement and financial need to a student/students in the fourth year of the Honors, or Specialization Program in Sociology, area of concentration-population (demography). If the number of eligible students is more than one, the scholarship money will be divided equally among them. In the event that there are no eligible students at the undergraduate level, this scholarship may then be given to a student in an MA program whose research work is centered on demography.
Soren Bovbjerg Memorial Scholarship

Endowed anonymously.

Conditions: To be awarded annually on the basis of academic standing and financial need to an undergraduate student enrolled in a four year degree program in the Department of Sociology.

Samuel M. Strong Medal in Sociology (Convocation Medal)
Endowed by friends of the late Dr Strong.

Value: Sterling Gilt Medal

Conditions: Awarded to the student convocating from Honors Sociology with the highest standing on the final two years. The medal will be awarded only if the student attains superior academic achievement, otherwise a book prize of $50 will be provided.

2020 Award Recipient Spotlight


We wish to congratulate Zoe Wong, a current sociology major, and the first recipient of the Charlene Marshall Memorial Award in Sociology.  Of her experience studying abroad, Zoe writes:

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea, during the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 semesters.

Going abroad was by far the most enriching event of my academic career thus far and, despite the unforeseen circumstances of the second term, I managed to have a fulfilling year. Ultimately, I returned home with noticeably better communication skills, an enhanced understanding of diverse social contexts, and with memories of experiences that are irreplaceable. Also, I now have friends from all over the world, so I’m looking forward to the day when I can travel again and visit them!