Sociology and Criminology Research Celebration

Join us virtually on Saturday, March 25, 2023  from Noon to 3:00 pm to hear Sociology and Criminology students present their research and learning experiences!

Meeting ID: 923 2999 1632
Passcode: 094286

Hosted by the Sociology and Criminology Undergraduate Student Associations in conjunction with the Department of Sociology.



12:00-12:15:  Welcome and Opening Remarks: Dr. Kevin Haggerty, Chair, Department of Sociology

12:15-12:25:  Overview by Moderators: Isabelle Akhenak, Christian Gilera, and Rayna Martel


  •  Haven Rice: Masculinities in Immigration Detention Centres: Crime as a Result of the Institutional Victimization of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants in Multicultural Liberal Democracies   
  • Jaci Harvey: Body-Worn Cameras in Policing: Examining the Discrepancy Between Intended and Actual Outcomes and the Implications of "Not-Seeing"
  • Elpida Papathanasoglou: Female Offenders in Canada: A Review of Needs and Current Programs and Supports

1:10-1:15:  Break


  • Kaylee Dyer: Gender, Consumption, and Occupational Health in the Fashion Industry
  • Bezawit Lemma: Public Library Use Trends in Alberta and Their Impacts Towards Community Well-Being 
  • Yuanye Lin: What Shapes the Fluidity of Chinese Immigrants’ Ethnic Identification in Canada?

2:00-2:05:  Break


  • Adrianna Gawryluk: Male Perpetration and Victimization of Sexual Violence Within Intimate Partner Violence 
  • Kasey Chao: Language to Law: An Analysis of the Interactions Between Political Language and Criminal Policy
  • Emily Zapisocki: Investigating Recidivism Rates within Canada when Rehabilitation and Reintegration become a Priority

2:50-3:00:  Closing Remarks: Dr. Kevin Haggerty, Chair, Department of Sociology