Sociology is a very diverse multi-disciplinary liberal arts field. Consequently, sociology graduates are in high demand by the private, public and community sectors because they have the necessary practical, creative, and analytical skills that can be used in many different areas of employment.

In studying sociology, you'll acquire in-demand skills, such as developing convincing arguments, conducting interviews or designing surveys, interpreting data and writing reports, and evaluating public policies.

To assist you in thinking about the skills you receive as a Sociology student, see What Makes you Employable as a Sociology Student.

In addition, check out the 21st Century Careers booklet for further information for student's studying a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Note, some of the following occupations listed may require additional education and/or work experience.


Advertising Executive Business Consultant Business Continuity Planner
Community Relations Manager Fund Development Officer Human Resources Representative
Industrial Relations Officer Labour Policy Analyst Labour Relations Officer
Management Consultant Marketing Manager Merchandiser
Production Manager Publishing Officer School Business Official


Advertising Copywriter Author Union Communication Specialist
Communications Officer Critic Editor
Media Coordinator Public Relations Specialist Reporter/Journalist
Social Media Specialist Speech Writer

Community Affairs

Community Planner Crisis Counselor Group Home Administrator
Mental Health Worker Liaison Officer Marriage and Family Therapist
Mediator Multicultural Advocate Non-Profit Manager
Public Information Specialist Recreation Coordinator Social Advocate
Social Assistance Director Social Policy Developer Social Services Director
Youth and Child Care Worker


Career Development Coordinator Academic Advisor Community Training Specialist
Early Childhood Educator Educational Counselor Health & Safety Education
Life Skills Coach Public Health Educator Retirement Counselor
School Manager Secondary School Teacher Training & Development Officer
University Professor (requires a PhD)


Campaign Manager Canadian Forces Personnel Census Enumerator
Chief Administrative Officer Civil Liberties Lobbyist Economic Development Officer
Elections Officer Employment Equity Officer Foreign Service Officer
Human Rights Officer Legislative Aide Legislator
Program Director Public Policy Analyst Volunteer Resource Manager

Health Care

Caseworker Community Health Nurse Disability Services Practitioner
Family Planner Gerontologist Health Care Administrator
Health Care Advocate Health Management Professional Health Researcher
Patient Advocate Mental Health Aide Mental Health Worker

Law & Criminal Justice

Indigenous Liaison Officer Border Services Officer Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Correctional Peace Officer Crime Analyst Criminal Investigator
Employment Equity Officer Fraud Investigator Immigration Officer
Case Worker Legal Arbitrator Paralegal
Pre-Law Preparation Private Investigator Probation Officer
Victim Services Officer Animal Welfare Officer Parole Officer


Consumer Market Researcher Data Analyst Population Research Analyst
Sociologist (requires a Phd) Institutional Historian Laboratory Assistant
Market Research Analyst Operations Research Analyst Systems Analyst
Regional Development Analyst Human Rights Officer Mental Health Aide
Social Survey Researcher Social Welfare Research Officer Survey Interviewer