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The Department of Sociology offers Topics courses under the course codes SOC 302, 325, 402, 403 and 420. The topics of these courses can change from year to year and some have additional pre-requisites than those listed in the calendar.  If there are additional pre-requisites, they will usually be indicated in the Class Notes for the course on Bear Tracks or listed below.

FALL 2020
Additional Information for SOC 402 A1
Topic: Speed Mobility and Work in Contemporary Economies
This seminar examines current transformations in work sparked by new technologies, gig platforms, and enterprise cultures.
Prerequisite: SOC 363 or Consent of Instructor
Instructor: Dr: Karen Hughes  Email: karen.hughes@ualberta.ca
For registration assistance, please contact socundergrad@ualberta.ca.


Interested in a particular topic but don't see a course that matches? Consider working with a professor to design an independent study course.

Finding a Course Instructor

Students wishing to enrol in SOC 403 must find a Department of Sociology Faculty member to serve as their course instructor. Students should begin by considering an area of sociology that interests them and visit our Professors Listing page to learn more about the research areas our Faculty members are involved with. Students should then contact the professor they would like to have as their course instructor to discuss the possibility of completing an Individual Study course under their supervision.

Once the student has a course instructor, the student and instructor must complete the SOC 403 Registration Form. Submit completed forms to the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor (5-21 or 5-27 Tory), at least 5 business days before the add/drop deadline for the term the course is to be taken in. Once the course is approved by the Associate Chair, Undergraduate, the Undergraduate Advisor will register the student in SOC 403.

Below is a sample of previous topics our students have completed:

The Relationship between PTSD and Suicide Among First Responders
Critical Social Theory and the Environment
Housing in Transition
The Sociology of Humour
The Sociology of the Science/Religion Controversy
Youth Gangs
First Nations and the Current Canadian State
Canadian Criminal Justice in the Age of Neuroexistentialism
Social Services and the Criminalized: Intersections
Second Demographic Transition: Families and Kids
Parenting in Marriage and Cohabitation
Sociology of Drugs and Sport
Exploring the Potential Art has to Heal Edmonton
Critical Library, Information and Intermedia Studies