SJC's Act of Legislation

In the fall of 2023, President Shawn Flynn was proud to petition the province to update St. Joseph's College’s historic 1926 Act of Legislation, the legal and historic document that allows us to offer our community at the U of A. As a result of that successful process, we are pleased to announce that SJC now has the legislative authority to become a fully accredited degree granting institution, while remaining fully affiliated with the University of Alberta. In the future, we can offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in addition to honorary doctorates, diplomas, and certificates. SJC, as the legislation states, can "operate in the province as a Catholic College to provide instruction in the liberal arts and fine arts, the humanities, theology, the physical, natural and social sciences, and professional studies". This is now secured under the Post­ Secondary Learning Act of Alberta, and it does not change any aspect of the affiliate and historic relationship with the U of A. 

On December 7th, the St. Joseph's College Amendment Act 2023 received royal assent! 

St. Joseph's College gathered significant support for this legislative update. We secured letters from seven presidents of Alberta Universities and Colleges. Then, during the Standing Committee on Private Bills Hearing where President Shawn Flynn presented our case, UCP and NDP MLAs unanimously supported our legislation. The Bill was graciously sponsored by the Hon. Lori Sigurdson, MLA for Edmonton-Riverview in which the College resides. 

We plan to begin with a two-year diploma in the Liberal Arts, infused with our Catholic tradition, where we help students discern their future pathways, and provide them with all of the supports needed to start their University journeys in a strong, successful way. This diploma also contributes, modestly, to the University's growth goals. We plan to do all of this while centering the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and emphasizing discernment as a tool that students can use to navigate life. The initial program will be supported by robust transfer options into the U of A (and possibly other post-secondaries) so students can choose the path that is right for them. 

More information can be found in our 2024 Spring/Easter Letter.

From meetings with stakeholders, support from fellow Universities, and significant political engagement, here are some photos of our journey!

President Shawn Flynn and Hon. Lori Sigurdson unveiled the Act at our Spring Fundraising Breakfast.


April 20th, 2024.


President Shawn Flynn and Academic Dean Matt Kostelecky unveiled the Act at our Spring Fundraising Breakfast.


Bill Application Day.


Nov 22nd, 2023: First Reading Day in the Legislative Assembly: Hon Sigurdson, bill sponsor with Drs. Flynn and Kostelecky.


Nov 29th, 2023: Hearing Day: President Flynn’s Presentation to MLAs.


Nov 29th, 2023: Drs. Flynn, Kostelecky, and Mr. France Hearing Day.


Dec 5th, 2023: Hon. Sigurdson, Bill Sponsor, Third Reading.


Dec 5th, 2023: Amendment Passes in the Legislative Assembly.