Global Goals Scavenger Hunt

Global Goals Scavenger Hunt

Grab your passport, dust off your detective gear and head to the airport to begin exploring the globe in a quest to learn more about the world and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Okay, actually leave your passport at home in a safe place, but we definitely recommend you wear a cape and carry a magnifying glass for this hunt!

From Monday to Thursday of Sustainability Awareness Week, visit the scavenger hunt webpage (linked below) to read the clues and to submit your answers. You can complete the hunt by searching your community for answers connected to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (you can participate from anywhere in the world).

The winners will be announced Friday, so join in the fun, learning and take home some prizes too.

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For questions about the Global Goals Scavenger Hunt, please contact:

Nathalie Walker
Program Lead, Office and Events