Hiring announcement: Director of Brand

16 September 2021

External Relations is pleased to announce that Laurenne Spratt will join the marketing team as the Director of Brand, effective October 4. Laurenne will be responsible for the development of a comprehensive brand strategy that drives student recruitment, improves institutional and program rankings and revenue generation through the provision of efficient and effective brand marketing programs.

Laurenne spent the last three years serving as the Director of Marketing and Strategic Insights at the Faculty of Extension, where she was responsible for delivering comprehensive brand and marketing strategies. Prior to joining the U of A, Laurenne developed the brand and marketing strategies for a luxury retail dealership group, where she was responsible for not only the brand strategy but building digital marketing programs, stakeholder and customer experiences and managing organizational reputation.

Laurenne has led high-performing marketing teams to success by fostering entrepreneurial, collaborative, challenge-positive environments while working to solve multi-faceted marketing problems.