Hiring announcement: Prospect Management and Research, Development

01 October 2021

External Relations is pleased to announce that Rena Liviniuk has accepted the position of Manager, Prospect Management and Research, Development, effective October 1, 2021.

A two-time University of Alberta graduate (BA ‘07, MBA ‘12), Rena joined the Prospect Research team in 2014. In 2017-18, Rena took on the role of Acting Director, Prospect Research. During that time, she provided guidance and oversight to the Prospect Research team, developed and implemented strategies to enhance the team’s business processes, and led the process to review and revise the prospect management policies and procedures. In late 2018, Rena accepted a secondment to Campaign Operations as the co-lead of the discovery outreach, prospect, and pipeline management project. 

Throughout her career, Rena has demonstrated strong communications and collaborative skills. We are delighted to have Rena take on this new role and we have every confidence that she will find innovative ways to improve efficiencies and maximize results in prospect management and research.