Hiring Announcement: Executive Director for the new University Initiatives Office (UIO)

25 April 2022

I am very pleased to announce that Rob Munro has accepted the position of Executive Director for the new University Initiatives Office (UIO), effective April 1, 2022.

The recently-formed UIO will manage strategic enterprise-wide projects and support functional areas as they continue to embed and refine the operating model. Its primary responsibilities are planning and alignment, enabling the execution of projects, and building the university's capability to adapt to ongoing, large-scale change.

The UIO will be part of the University Services and Finance portfolio. The office will operate with executive sponsorship primarily from the Provost, Chief Strategy Officer in the Office of the President, and the Vice-President, University Services and Finance. The UIO will work closely with other operational units to ensure that strategy is effectively formed, executed, operationalized, and monitored with collaboration and sponsorship from unit leaders.

The principles and practices of the UAT (University of Alberta for Tomorrow) initiative will provide a foundation for the UIO and also afford the capability to continue the transformation in the long term. We are fortunate to be able to rely on Rob's expertise and institutional knowledge to lead such a key unit.

Please join me in congratulating Rob on his new role.

Todd Gilchrist

Vice-President, University Services and Finance