Introducing Thoughtexchange at the July 8 Town Hall

06 July 2020

Please join President Bill Flanagan and Provost Steven Dew for a town hall on academic restructuring:

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
11 a.m. — noon
Livestream will be accessible on YouTube or through

Thoughtexchange tutorial video

As mentioned at previous presentations about University of Alberta for Tomorrow, transparency, community engagement, and consultation are key to this process of restructuring. We want to hear from each of you, even though COVID-19 restricts opportunities for gathering in-person. We have been seeking new ways to engage with you in online forums and we are excited to introduce a new digital tool designed to facilitate engagement and feedback during this and all subsequent town halls. Another town hall on administrative restructuring is scheduled for July 15 at 11 am.

Thoughtexchange is a virtual tool that allows users to share feedback and respond in real time. It is easily accessible from desktop and mobile browsers or through an app. With this tool you can share your thoughts, questions, or comments in response to open-ended questions, independently and confidentially. You can also read and rate thoughts shared by other participants, and discover what matters most to the group.

At the town hall on Wednesday, we will be introducing and using Thoughtexchange to gather questions and responses from the audience. No registration is required to participate. Your data is strictly confidential and will never be linked to your thoughts or ratings, so please feel free to share openly. You can read more about privacy and data on Thoughtexchange here.

The link needed to access the Thoughtexchange forum will be provided during the YouTube livestream.

If you are unable to participate on July 8, the Thoughtexchange forum will remain open for one week immediately following the event, so that participants can view the recorded town hall and provide their feedback at any time during this week. We are hoping that this will facilitate opportunities for ongoing engagement and feedback following the town hall. The recorded town hall will remain posted on the UAT website even after the Thoughtexchange forum is closed.

To familiarize yourself with the tool in advance of the town halls, please read the short user guide and watch this tutorial video:

July 8 town hall on academic restructuring

After this and all future town halls, the feedback and questions provided through Throughtexchange will be reviewed, analyzed, and responded to on the UAT website and on The Quad.

You can also submit questions or ideas for U of A Tomorrow at any time through this form. The U of A for Tomorrow Frequently Asked Questions page will continue to be regularly updated.

We look forward to hearing from and engaging with you as we continue to address the challenges and opportunities of University of Alberta for Tomorrow.



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