U of A for Tomorrow Updates: October 29, 2020

29 October 2020

Here are the key U of A for Tomorrow updates from this week:

Alternative Scenarios from Community Members

As part of the consultation process on academic restructuring, faculty, staff, and students have been invited to suggest alternatives to the scenarios presented in the Interim Report of the ARWG. In last week’s UAT update on the Quad, we shared these suggested alternatives which have been received through the website and email. To make it easier to review and compare alternatives, we have created a series of slides that visually captures all of the ideas.

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Financial Estimates for Scenarios

The objective of U of A for Tomorrow is to restructure to meet and sustain funding cuts without reducing the U of A’s capacity for research and community engagement or diminishing the learning environment and student experience. To achieve that, financial efficiencies must be found. Financial efficiencies from academic restructuring stem from a variety of sources, but the primary ones result from economies of scale for providing administrative services and the release of academic capacity from leadership roles. through economies of scale. In response to frequent questions about this, Provost Steven Dew provides a detailed account of the financial estimates here.

UAT Town Hall — November 19

Please join President Bill Flanagan, Provost Steven Dew, and Rob Munro, Executive Lead, SET for the next town hall on U of A for Tomorrow.

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Ongoing Consultations/Engagement

Dates for roundtables with central units and portfolios have now been set and invites will be sent shortly. Since the release of the Interim Report of the Academic Restructuring Working Group, there have been approximately 35 hours of consultation with 2150 participants.

Your feedback continues to be critical to academic and administrative restructuring, so we encourage you to share your insights through one (or more) of the avenues for consultation.

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Online Feedback

Throughout the UAT process, members of the community have provided feedback online. All feedback shared through the UAT website (Interim Report Feedback Form, UAT Feedback Form, and email to uat@ualberta.ca) is, and will continue to be, shared with the Academic Restructuring Working Group (ARWG) for consideration as they refine and revise the proposed scenarios. You’ll find compilations of feedback on the Consultations page under “What have we heard?”