Launching IT Stream webpage

Mike MacGregor & Fraser Forbes - 14 January 2021

As part of the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) program, IT functions will transition into the university’s new administrative operating model developed under the U of A for Tomorrow initiative. Within the new model, a values-driven reorganization of IT services will ensure exceptional systems support, provide hardware and software on all of our campuses, and maximize funding available for our core mission of teaching and research.

IT is foundational to the University of Alberta’s core mission of supporting teaching, learning, and research. To support this mission into the future, the IT Stream will endeavour to build a high-performing IT infrastructure to empower excellence in teaching and research, and provide fit-for-purpose, enterprise-wide business systems.

This new IT environment will also foster collaboration and leverage the expertise of talented IT professionals across the institution. To accomplish this, the current IT landscape — central, faculty and department level IT — will need to change its current structure, reporting and service offerings. Though significant change is needed, we are confident that together we can establish a new IT model that achieves this vision.

We will be holding an Ask SET Anything event for the IT Stream in February. This is your opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. We will share more information on this event in the coming weeks.

To keep you informed about ongoing changes within this stream, a dedicated webpage has been created. Within this page, you will find an overview of the stream, working group membership, consultation events and FAQs.

Visit the IT Stream Webpage

We encourage you to visit the page for current status and progress updates. 

What have we done so far?

Over the last few months we have focused on IT Discovery activities in consultation with faculties, departments and central units. We have engaged with IT staff across the institution to gain an understanding of IT services and activities, and receive input on the IT Stream. For an overview of the IT Discovery process, visit our presentation.

Activities & Consultations

  • Developed a high level plan of how to approach the IT Stream transformation (discover, prepare and transition)
  • Consulted with Faculty & Central Unit leadership on the IT Stream approach
  • Faculties & Central Units identified key people within their areas to participate in IT Discovery activities 
  • Engaged over 30 faculties, departments, and central units in IT Discovery activities
  • Gathered information through the IT Discovery Workbook and IT Activity Workbook to get a high level understanding of all IT services and activities at the university (including technology, applications, process and projects)
  • Provided IT staff an opportunity to provide input and represent what they do through the IT Activity Workbook
  • Analyzed how current IT environments and staff activities align

What’s Next?

  • Identify critical information/considerations to determine how IT could transition to the new operating model 
  • Meet with Faculties & Central Units to review the IT Discovery findings (gaps and options)
  • Confirm priorities and identify key resources for working groups

If you have feedback, comments or suggestions we encourage you to share your thoughts here: Share now.

While we aim to respond personally to those who have provided their contact information, we may respond to your comment through other means such as in regular updates on the U of A for Tomorrow blog.

Mike MacGregor
AVP & Chief Information Officer (Executive Sponsor)

Fraser Forbes
Dean of Engineering (Executive Sponsor)