Process redesign: optimizing for the new model

Rob Munro - 22 April 2021

A large portion of the work that is conducted before transitioning staff and services to the new operating model is known as process redesign. The key objective during this step is to optimize processes for the new operating model and ensure a greater focus on the end user’s needs and the value that services provide to the university community. Several design principles, heavily influenced by Lean methodology, guide process redesign to ensure that goals are being met, including:

  • Simplifying and streamlining processes
  • Performing the work where it makes most sense
  • Leveraging technology through digitization, automation, workflows, and self service
  • Standardizing processes

Workstreams begin redesign for the processes and activities that were identified as priorities during the initial discovery phase. In order to create value, a shared service model leverages technology, scale, and specialization. It requires new ways of delivering services to the university community. Therefore, each process that is delivered by shared services must be redesigned to ensure it is optimized in the new operating model.

Supporting staff while implementing changes

Effective change management will help ensure staff and faculties/units are ready, willing, and able to participate in and support changes resulting from the process redesigns.

Change management activities will include training and engagement as well as extensive communications. As processes are being implemented and staff transitioned, more details will be provided to keep you informed.

Engagement and consultation

During process redesign, workgroups are formed which provides an excellent opportunity for consultation and engagement with staff who know the work best. It’s vital that we consult with staff who are actually immersed in these functions and can provide valuable input into how the processes should be redesigned to a more efficient and effective future state. Ultimately, these workgroups will help define processes, consult with other colleagues for feedback, identify opportunities to leverage technology, and provide support with implementation activities.

Processes currently undergoing redesign

Process redesign activities are currently underway for the following HR and finance processes:

  • Employee appointment/reappointment 
  • Recruitment (scope is currently being defined)
  • Job Evaluation/Job Families (scope is currently being defined)
  • Time and Labour (scope is currently being defined)

For more information on these activities and future updates as additional activities get underway, please visit the web page.

Training fundamentals for workgroup members

To ensure a consistent approach and focus on service excellence, workgroups will complete training prior to beginning any process redesign activities. Training topics include technology, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity, User Experience and more. We encourage anyone interested to take the training even if you’re not a member of a workgroup. For more information on training including links to modules, click here.

What’s next?

Process redesign activities will continue to be prioritized and launched as each workstream reaches this phase in transitioning to the new operating model. The new web page dedicated to process redesign is the best source for the latest information.

Process redesign web page



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