Immigration and relocation support moves to Shared Services unit

As part of the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) program, immigration and relocation services have moved from Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment (HRHSE) to the Shared Services unit.

13 September 2021

A new way to get help

Previously, faculty, staff and hiring managers sent relocation and immigration inquiries and other documents to a central inbox. To align these services with Shared Services, those inboxes are retired as of Tuesday, September 14, and an automatic reply is set up to indicate the email address is retired. The auto-reply also directs them to our online resources and the Staff Service Centre page.

For the following immigration and relocation topics, faculty and staff can review the associated web pages and resources. Our resources are thorough and helpful, and answers to most of the questions we currently receive are easily accessible on the website. 

For Foreign Nationals


  • Foreign Nationals - Working During COVID-19
  • Obtaining temporary visa, work permit or other immigration documents
  • Applying for permanent residence

For Hiring Managers


  • Labour Market Impact Assessments
  • Inviting a foreign national to work on campus
  • How to use the Immigration Management System
  • Correcting or cancelling an offer of employment
  • Types of short-term visitors
  • How to advertise a role


  • Reimbursement for moving and relocation expenses 
  • Expenses that can be reimbursed
  • Procedure
  • Moving company quote request template
  • How to initiate a move

Please note: central funding no longer exists and the responsibility for relocation coordination lies with the hiring faculty and unit. 

If you can’t find what you need or you’re submitting documentation or a form, please reach out to the Staff Service Centre by visiting, or selecting the Services tab from the U of A home page. 

Meet the team

Amy Andrews, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition Support and Immigration, Shared Services

Amy’s career at the U of A began 25 years ago. She started with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and has had several roles within HRHSE over the last 20 years. Amy oversees a collaborative team of professionals to coordinate the efficient execution of talent acquisition, recall and immigration activities. As the team lead, Amy serves as the point of contact for inquiries and escalations while optimizing operational performance and delivering a positive employee experience.

Cyndi Killingsworth, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Cyndi started at the university on contract in the early 90s doing outplacement. 16 years ago she came back to work as a Recall Coordinator and also worked in Interim Staffing Solutions as an Interim Manager for a year. She has worked in immigration for more than 10 years and became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant seven years ago. 

Tatiana Soltykevych, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Tatiana Soltykevych joined HRHSE in 2019 with the Immigration Services team.  

Both Cyndi and Tatiana provide immigration advice and guidance to university staff members, foreign university employees, foreign visitors to campus, and foreign students working for the university. 

Updates to Staff Service Centre forms

The Staff Service Centre has been updated to include two contact forms. One form is for those with no CCID, such as new employees who don't yet have one and foreign nationals, so they can securely contact Shared Services for support. The other form is for faculty and staff and will require CCID login, which will allow the system to populate your contact information to expedite form filling. Shared Services is aligning with normal security practice with single sign-on, similar to other university services such as the LearnCentre, Alfresco and your GSuite access.



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