Finance services transition

Ria Ames - 02 December 2021

As part of the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) program, some Finance Services are moving from Finance, Procurement and Planning to Shared Services, and contact information is changing.

Some inboxes are closing

Previously, faculty, staff and leaders sent finance inquiries and forms to central inboxes that will retire, as follows, on December 1:

Retiring inboxes and phone numbers:

  • (retiring for faculty and staff only)
  • (retiring for faculty and staff only)
  • 780-492-3000 (Finance, Planning and Procurement)

Anyone emailing these inboxes after December 1 will receive an automatic reply indicating the email address is retired and directing them to the appropriate method of contact. The phone number 492-3000 will no longer be available for use after this date, and will not be replaced.

When do I go to Shared Services for support versus Finance, Procurement and Planning?

If you're not sure where to direct your inquiry, start with the Staff Service Centre and the Shared Services Advisors can help you out. Finance Partners are also available to guide you.

For a list of all of the finance services available to you through Shared Services, visit the new Finance Services web page. If you need assistance, here's how to reach out.

Shared Services - Finance Services:

Submit forms and detailed inquiries through the web form at the Staff Service Centre, or call 780-492-8000 for questions.

Faculty and staff payment services general inquiries:

  • invoice status
  • payment status
  • errors with invoices before & after approval/payment
  • online receiving in SupplyNet applicable to invoices
  • eligibility of direct pay and non-employee reimbursements
  • methods of payment
  • accounts payable journal voucher form (corrections)

Payment Services forms:

  • direct pay Invoice
  • payment request form and multiple payee payment request template
  • non-employee reimbursement form

Compliance inquiries related to:

  • travel and expense claims
  • credit card applications, card maintenance and reconciliation support
  • professional expense reimbursement

Billing and collections/accounts receivable general inquiries and forms related to:

  • accounts receivable
  • payment inquiries
  • new billing requests
  • invoice inquiries
  • departmental bad debt (invoices)
  • billing and invoice corrections
  • billing interfaces

Billing and collections/accounts receivable forms:

  • billing unit setup
  • external billing customer setup
  • incoming electronic funds transfer customer payment information
  • W8BEN (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting)
  • Canada Revenue Agency confirmation of registration
  • Certificate of Canadian residency

Cashier services:

  • deposit processing and corrections
  • coin orders and floats
  • petty cash (general, honorarium, research)
  • cheque deposit information
  • deposit supplies

Cashier forms:

  • float application
  • cashier deposit correction
  • cheque deposit information
  • cashier deposit book request
  • petty cash requisition

Staff and graduate student receivables forms:

  • staff tuition remission form
  • grad student tuition payroll deduction
  • graduate student tuition remission form

Shared Services - Distribution Services

Contact by email as follow: Dispatch (, Receiving (, Warehouse (, Surplus (, Shipping (, Mail (

  • warehouse
  • logistics
  • surplus
  • shipping
  • receiving
  • dispatch
  • mail

Finance, Procurement and Planning - Investments and Treasury

Contact by email at

  • US Certificate of Status - US Tax Withholding

Finance, Procurement and Planning - Procurement and Contract Management

For Procurement Services and Contract Management general inquiries, contact by email at

  • purchase orders and SupplyNet
  • contracting for services
  • preferred suppliers
  • competitive bid requirements

For Travel, Customs, Centre of Expertise Compliance and Equipment Services general inquiries, contact by email at the following:

Travel Services (, Customs Services (, Compliance Services (COE) (, Equipment Services (

  • travel services - all travel related inquiries
  • customs services - importing and exporting inquires
  • Centre of Expertise compliance
  • equipment services - equipment tagging, central record keeping of assets within PeopleSoft

Contact information changing as of January 1 for external vendors

For external vendors payment services general inquiries, contact by email at

  • invoice status
  • payment status
  • errors with invoices before & after approval/payment
  • methods of payment
  • electronic funds transfer request forms

For external vendors send purchase order invoices, contact by email at



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