Updates for hiring

20 January 2022

Finding and hiring the right faculty and staff is a crucial element to the success of the University of Alberta's vision of learning, discovery and citizenship, and directly affects our future success. As part of the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) program, we are happy to share that the administrative services of talent acquisition have officially moved from the Centre of Expertise (CoE) into Shared Services. Shared Services has launched a number of process improvements in partnership with the Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment (HRHSE) unit to streamline the hiring process for university faculty, staff and foreign nationals.

Considering hiring? Your first step should be to discuss the position with your HR Service Partner.

New way to contact talent acquisition support

If you're not able to find what you're looking for in the Hiring section of the HRHSE website, here's how to reach out for support:

Contact the Staff Service Centre for:

  • General recall inquiries
  • Hiring controls compliance
  • Posting new jobs, job posting revisions and questions
  • External advertising
  • Initial applicant screening
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Reference checks
  • Preliminary interview guide creation
  • Interview scheduling
  • Relocation inquiry support
  • Temporary employment programs
  • Immigration services

Note: The role of the Talent Acquisition Support team in Shared Services does not include participation on interview panels.

Contact your HR Service Partner for:

  • Advice on recruitment policy, procedures, practices and programs, including hiring controls
  • Training sessions for recruitment processes, tools and resources
  • Guidance throughout the recruitment cycle
  • Creation of new positions or restructuring of existing positions
  • Support for recall and duty to accommodate
  • Advice on employment offer and salary
  • Your HR Service Partner will engage the CoE for:
    • Hiring strategies to support equity, diversity and inclusion
    • Engaging external search firm support and developing a targeted search strategy
    • Supporting senior executive interview panels (director level+)
    • Arranging pre-employment assessments including interpretation
    • Supporting a workforce planning strategy

If you're still not sure where to go, start by contacting the Staff Service Centre at uab.ca/staffsrv.

New way to request a job posting

A new job posting request form is available that gathers the information Shared Services needs to post a job to the Careers website for you in a simple and easy format.

If the position you're hiring for has not been evaluated in the last five years, or if you're not sure when it was last evaluated, please contact the Job Design and Evaluation team first. If your HR Services Partner, faculty or unit has tracked when the role was last evaluated, and it was less than five years ago, fill out the new Job Posting Request form and submit it to the Staff Service Centre.

You will receive confirmation of your request by email, as well as progress updates of your posting request. If you require a change to your posting, simply respond to the email you received or call the Staff Service Centre to let Shared Services Advisors know what you need.

This form is accessible from the Staff Service Centre web page at uab.ca/staffsrv.

Changes to managing your job posting

Previously, hiring managers and HR support within facilities and units were responsible for creating, managing and revising job postings within the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD). Beginning January 31, Shared Services will take care of these steps for you. Initiators, hiring managers and HR Service Partners will be granted access to view applicants in RAD once the job posting is live on the Careers site.

More to come

We are updating the content on the Hiring section of the website to reflect a step-by-step process to hire new employees, which will include a redesign of the appointment process to expedite requests. Watch for more details in early February.