A look at the Staff Service Centre's first six months

27 January 2022

This week marks six months since the Staff Service Centre launched to support faculty and staff. Tawheed Sadiq, Manager, Staff Service Centre in Shared Services shares his team's experience navigating the changes at the university, his vision for employee service and what's next for service innovation.


Tawheed comes to the Staff Service Centre following a number of client-focused roles serving faculty and staff.

"I started as an Information Services and Technology Analyst offering CCID and Google Support. From there, I became a team lead for client support, incidentally providing IT support for financial and HR services. My next position was in the Office of the Registrar as the Manager of Enrollment Systems and Technology."

Tawheed led the functional team responsible for the university's admission system, Slate, and created a support structure for those who use it. His experience has been instrumental in the standing up and ongoing improvement of the Staff Service Centre.

Despite the challenges described in the video, Tawheed attributes the success to date to the Shared Services team, "We were very lucky to have talented individuals apply for the Shared Service Advisor roles and were able to build an outstanding team of people who are not only very knowledgeable, but who genuinely enjoy and want to help people. Their efforts were essential to the launch and how far we've come."