UAT profiles: meet Corey Chevraux

24 March 2022

In this new series, get to know some of the people who have taken on new roles as part of the university's operating model.

Corey Chevraux

  • Current position: Manager, Learning Space Technology
  • Time with the university: 24 years
  • Former position: Supervisor, Information Technology, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

What do you like most about your current position?

My renewed sense of purpose.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love working at the University of Alberta. I swear that my blood is green and gold, and as such, I have dedicated myself to developing the best services possible for my users.

When SET was first announced, I was nervous. I had worked hard to create the best IT experience within my faculty for my users. That was my purpose. That was the thing I had dedicated myself to for the last 20-odd years, and it felt like it was being taken away.

I also knew that the transition was inevitable.

As I worked with the different teams in IST to migrate our services, I was blown away by the time and effort each group gave to understand the faculty's needs. I also began to understand the university's direction, and I felt a great sense of relief with the vision they presented. I redoubled my efforts and worked hard to ensure that IST had all the knowledge and tools they would need to succeed if I was gone.

At the same time, I perused the Position Opportunities web page and found some exciting jobs that I felt I could succeed in. It gave me a new sense of hope. Maybe my journey with the university was not done. When I saw the Manager of Learning Space Technology listing, it felt like the perfect fit. Working with groups inside and outside of IST, and others across the university, managing a group of dedicated individuals, streamlining services, and problem-solving was a dream opportunity. I quickly reworked my resume and cover letter and sent them in.

Thankfully, I was successful, and the job was as exciting as I expected it to be. The vision of Mike MacGregor and the executive leadership team has been clear and concise. It feels like a new path forward for technology at the University of Alberta. There are challenges, but I know that the group I manage is talented and capable. I have found my purpose again.

How was the transition into your new position?

It has been an exciting time. There have been struggles, but support from leadership and my team has been constructive. While new challenges emerge, I thrive in those conditions.

Has your unit experienced any successes or progress as part of the UAT initiative?

Absolutely! We have already been working with many faculties and departments to create positive outcomes for the users. We recently helped facilitate an event with the School of Business that was hugely successful.

What aspect of UAT has been more challenging than you expected?

When I first started, information was coming at me from every angle. It was a challenge to keep up. There are still many things that I am wrapping my head around, but I have started to get my feet underneath me.

When you think of the U of A of Tomorrow, what are you most looking forward to?

Streamlining of services. Anything that helps make a user's experience better is a worthwhile pursuit. I think it is incredible that the university has been able to reshape itself in extraordinary ways that seemed impossible at the time in such a short period.

Learning Space Technology is part of the Digital Learning Environment Centre of Expertise within Information Services and Technology (IST). Centres of Expertise consist of teams of functional specialists. Under the leadership of associate vice-president units, these centres provide strategic expertise and specialized services in specific functional areas (such as IT) to lead strategy, policy development, and ensure the institution has the services needed for staff and students. They will provide broad institutional leadership both in terms of setting service standards and ensuring service satisfaction.

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