Online Courses

The Department of Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Alberta is thrilled to announce that we now offer two courses online:

  • WGS 101 Representations of Girls and Women
  • WGS 102 Gender and Social Justice

How does it work?

The online versions of WGS 101 and 102 are offered during regularly scheduled semesters and are designed to fit into a regular 13 week semester. All students in the class are expected to work at a regular week by week pace, with set deadlines for assignments and examinations.

Although the online class means that you will not meet with your instructor, teaching assistants, and classmates in person, there are plenty of opportunities for you to meet virtually. The teaching team will hold regular online face to face office hours and you will get to know them through email, blog, and assignments. Students will be placed into online discussion groups where issues related to the course will be discussed.

Finally, the courses do not require you to enter the classroom, but they do require you to take what you are learning out into the world. WGS 101, for instance, is organized around a number of learning challenges that involve applying course concepts to your everyday life.

How to sign up

The courses are available to students anywhere. If you are already a University of Alberta student, enrol in the course as usual through the Beartracks system. If you are not, you must become a student. Most online students register through Open Studies - see the Open Studies page for more information about that.

Course registration opens in February for the Spring semester and April for the Fall and Winter semesters.

Note that there are no prerequisites for WGS 101 and 102; these classes have been carefully developed for a general student audience. Whether you are an Arts student looking to take the WGS major, a Science student who wants an interesting elective, or an Education or Nursing student who wants to learn more about gender, there is something for everyone!

Want to learn more?

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