What Can You Do With A Degree in WGS?

WGS Graduates bring their knowledge about gender, diversity, equity, and social justice to a wide range of career paths, including in education, health, law, social services, arts, communication and media, non-profit and social justice organizations. Find out where their skills in research, critical analysis, public speaking, persuasive writing, communicating complex concepts, and advocacy have taken our Graduates.

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Career Centre

The University of Alberta has a wonderful Career Centre aimed at helping undergrad and graduate students "explore career options and develop career management skills." This includes career coaching, employer information sessions, internships, and more.

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Job Postings

The Career Centre also has a searchable Job Postings application...

"We connect talented people to the right opportunities. Our postings are for internships, permanent, temporary, and summer positions for both full-time and part-time work. Our postings are open to all current students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni."

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What jobs can I get with a WGS degree?

Careers in Social Justice