Student Life & Resources

The University of Alberta offers a vibrant student life with many different student clubs, spaces, events, resources, and opportunities. Here we've provided information on and links to the aspects of student life at the University that we find especially interesting, exciting, and/or important - including our own clubs and spaces. 

Women's & Gender Studies Student Association (WGSSA)

The Women’s and Gender Studies Students’ Association (WGSSA) exists to promote Women’s and Gender Studies to the greater university community. Our members foster an inclusive community which highlights the need for intersectionality within academia and governance spaces, and fights for equality on campus. We aim to do this by highlighting the importance of the study of Women’s and Gender Studies in our campus community, hosting inclusive community-building events, and providing students with meaningful volunteer opportunities. WGSSA connects members to each other, as well as with the greater university community and local community. As well, WGSSA connects members to the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies to advocate for their needs.  

Sexual Violence Information & Resources

If you experience or witness harassment, discrimination, or sexual violence and wish to make a disclosure, you can speak to any member of the Department that you trust and whom you are comfortable with. We take all disclosures seriously.

You can also find more information and resources regarding the University of Alberta's Sexual Violence Policy here.

Feminists at the University of Alberta

Feminists at the University of Alberta (FUA) is a student group that overlooks many responsibilities: managing the Winnie Tomm Reading Room, organizing feminist social events on campus, and overseeing the Women's and Gender Studies Undergraduate Association. FUA publishes the undergraduate journal, Spaces Between, and manages office hours, which serve as a feminist space for visitors to access literature and resources. FUA advocates for marginalized voices on campus and takes activist stances against misogyny, and other forms of oppression.

3-22 Assiniboia Hall

The WGS Lounge / The Winnie Tomm Reading Room

Located in the heart of the garden-level Department of Women's & Gender Studies is our student lounge. The 70's chic couches and ambient lighting are perfect for a quick relaxing sesh between classes, or a quiet study spot for groups or individuals.

The Winnie Tomm Reading Room recently relocated to this quiet corner of the Department. Swing by and fill your head with the wealth of knowledge available in this intersectional library.

3-15 Assiniboia Hall

The Landing

The Landing is a non-profit service at the U of A that offers support for gender and sexual diversity. The Landing strives to promote gender equity on a broad scale, and advocates for the safety and acceptance of individuals of all gender and sexualities in campus life. The Landing supports LGBTTQQPIANU+ communities and individuals, as well as their supporters, friends, family, and loved ones.
0-68A Lower Level, SUB

Undergraduate Research Initiative

You don't have to be a grad student to do research!  The Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) works "with undergraduate students in any discipline, any year of study, and at any stage of the research process – from exploration to publication. Undergraduate research is a great way to gain practical experience, develop professional skills and connections, and expand your career options."

Festival of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities
Showcase your research and creative achievements through FURCA, an "annual, campus-wide celebration of undergraduate research, showcasing the research and creative achievements of undergraduate students across all disciplines."  FURCA takes place annually in March, with abstract submissions usually closing beginning of February.  Check the website for exact dates.

The URI website provides a ton of information, including how to get started, how (and where!) to get funding, such as the recently increased $7500 Undergraduate Researcher Stipend, and how to navigate the research process.

More Student Resources