Applying to Graduate School

On this page, we've compiled some valuable resources to guide you through the process of applying to graduate school. Keep an eye on our Events page, too, for announcements; we host various workshops throughout the year, one of which deals with applying to graduate school.

Applying to Graduate School - WGS Workshop Slideshow

Click the above link to see the Google Slides presentation from the Applying to Graduate School workshop hosted by Dr. Meagher and Dr. Okeke in November 2019.

Graduate Application Process: Step by Step

Step by step instructions on the application process from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, including specific information for different applicant types and links to different deadlines, requirements, instructions, and sources of further information.

Graduate Program Manual: Section 5 Admissions

Check out section 5 of FGSR's Graduate Program Manual to learn what they require and are looking for in your application/supporting documents. Specifically, we recommend section 5.11 Application Evaluation.

English and Film Studies' Application Tips

The Department of English and Film Studies has a wonderful list of Application Tips on their website. (Note: Deadlines and Contact Information are department-specific and those featured on the EFS website are accurate for English and Film Studies only. The application deadline for the MA in GSJ is January 15 and questions about the program should be sent to

Personal Statements

Published by the University of Alberta Student Success Centre, this document explains what a personal statement is and provides some advice for preparing your own including a list of "don'ts" and guidelines on what kind of personal information you should include or avoid. (Note: Some statements should only be given weight in their context, for example: while it may be wise to avoid discussing your commitment to social justice in a law school application, this topic would be completely appropriate in an application to a Gender and Social Justice graduate program.)

Reference Letters

Also published by the Student Success Centre, this document provides a breakdown of reference letters including an example of a graduate school reference letter. Other topics covered include: Who makes a good referee?, What makes a good reference letter?, and How do you obtain a good reference letter?

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