Dr. Lise Gotell
Department Chair
3-28 Assiniboia Hall

Dr. Katy Campbell

Director, Graduate Programs
3-26 Assiniboia Hall

Dr. Simone Pfleger
Director, Undergraduate Programs
3-55 Assiniboia Hall

Dr. Chloë Taylor
Director of Sexuality Studies Certificate
3-55 Assiniboia Hall

Jeremy Wilhelm
Academic Department Manager, Social Sciences

Sarah Nocente
Rutherford Library

Jennifer Mayan
Assistant Academic Department Manager, Social Sciences
5-29 Tory Building

Spencer Hayden

Graduate Administrator 
5-26 Tory Building
780 492-5236

Grace Jamieson
Undergraduate Advisor
 3-45 Assiniboia Hall

Lex Bos
Executive Assistant /Administrative Assistant

Marcie Whitecotton-Carroll
Information and Outreach Coordinator
10-9 Tory Building

Leila Bailey
Research Coordinator

Memory Brenzen
HR Partner

Patrick McConnell
Finance Partner