BA Honors in Women's and Gender Studies

The BA Honors in Women's and Gender Studies offers an enriching and challenging learning experience to students who are passionate about our field. This is an excellent opportunity for students to develop expertise on a research topic and to gain valuable mentorship from professors in our department.

What do I need to know about Honors?

  • Honors programs allow students to specialize in the field by taking more courses in WGS and by taking more senior level courses in WGS and related fields Students in the Honors program in WGS must maintain a GPA of 3.0 with no grade less than 3.3 in WGS or cross-listed WGS classes.
  • Students considering the Honors program in WGS may apply for admission at any time before the beginning of the final year. Consult the Faculty of Arts for application instructions, including deadlines.
  • In the final year of their program, honors students work with a faculty advisor to prepare an undergraduate honors thesis.
  • Students with interdisciplinary interests may choose to apply to a Combined Honors program, which requires the completion of honors requirements in two disciplines, and the completion of a single Honors thesis supervised by professors from each of the two fields of study.

Why should I choose the Honors program?

Graduates of the Honors Program are well prepared for graduate study in WGS and related fields. Many have gone on to successful careers in law, government, and the non-profit sector. You can find out more about Honors graduates on our alumni pages.


Honors in WGS requires a minimum of *48 in WGS or Cross-Listed courses. The following requirements must be filled:

  • WGS 302 Feminist Research Methods
  • WGS 402 Honors Thesis
  • *6 at the 400-level in WGS
  • *6 selected from the following: WGS 301, WGS 332, and WGS 360

For the full list of WGS BA Honors requirements, click here, scroll down to the bottom and select "Women's and Gender Studies".