Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay

Dr. Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta. Her research and teaching interests are informed by and contribute to the fields of women of color feminisms, critical race studies, intersectionality, and anti/de/postcolonial criticism. Her recent and upcoming publications include ““Subaltern’s Resistance Against Rape and Sexual Assault: An Aporia?” (2020), Politics of Engagement and Empowerment in the Genre of the Testimonio” (2018), “Affective Alliances in Turbulent Times: Revisiting 1930s and 40s Leftist Politics and Gendered Subjectivities in Mid-century Bengali Women’s Writing” (forthcoming).
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Zahro Hassan

Zahro Hassan's research and teaching interest lie at the intersection of race, gender, immigration, and decolonization. She is working on multiple projects that examine societal and institutional structures that foster spaces of racism, exclusion, and marginalization. Her main research project involves a qualitative exploration of Young Adult Refugees' experiences accessing post-secondary education in Canada.

Kristen Hutchinson

Dr. Kristen Hutchinson is the editor-in-chief of Luma Quarterly, an online open access journal about media art and film. Her research interests include contemporary art, representations of gender and queerness in popular culture, women in horror, and supernatural creatures in film and television. Her most recent publication is an essay about the 2016 film Prevenge in the upcoming anthology Transgressive Horror.
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Randi Nixon
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Daisy Raphael
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Angelia Wagner

Dr. Angelia Wagner is an instructor in the Departments of Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science at the University of Alberta. Wagner specializes in Canadian politics, gender and politics, political communication, and political representation. Wagner is also a former journalist, working at newspapers in Alberta and Saskatchewan.