Current Graduate Students

Meet our amazing Gender & Social Justice Studies MA students!

Charlene Campo Social innovation intesectionality futurisms
Friesen, Tanya Prison abolitionism, administrative violence, transformative justice
Joanna Gye Religious, cultural practices, and restrictions related to menstruation among young women in Africa and South Asia
Dana Hankinson Alberta Human Rights Act, human rights in the workplace, weight-based stigma, bias, and discrimination, gender inequality
Chantelle Kosik Effects of gender and feminism in contemporary culture (music and other forms of mass media) in Western Society; effects of gender norms portrayed in mass media on social aspects such as crime, interaction between race and the gender binary in relation to missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, cross-cultural perspectives on sexual assault
Ekta Lakha

Police reform through the transformation and development of domestic abuse policies in Canada that are both gender-informed and culturally aware.

Angela Lieu

Gender, race and power in library and information studies, patron-perpetrated sexual harassment in libraries

Ingrid Nielssen Community engaged research approaches and methodologies, settler colonialism and heteropatriachy, critical animal studies and ageism
Diana Pearson Public pedagogy of sexuality, non-monogamies, pleasure-based sex education
Matana Skoye Mothering; ethics of care; child care policy; community-based research
Ashlynn Weisberg Collective care, mutual aid, abolition, labour, affect theory
Liu Yi Gender and migration, intersectionality, the feminism movement in Asia

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