Sexuality Studies Certificate



Make your degree distinctive and engage more deeply and meaningfully with diverse methodological and theoretical perspectives on the study of human sexuality. The Certificate in Sexuality Studies will help you enhance your capacity to make a difference in the world by developing diverse perspectives on the study of sex and sexualities. For any student with an interest in the topics, this certificate will offer an interdisciplinary suite of courses that examine sex and sexuality as they relate to other categories of identity, including gender, race, ethnicity, ability, and socio-economic and citizenship status as well as diverse experiences of pleasure and non/normative modes of desire. In keeping with institutional commitments to expand Indigenous programming, all students will be strongly urged to complete at least one course that addresses sexuality from an Indigenous perspective. 

Make an Impact! Shape your future! 

This certificate will aid students in future employment in the diversity, equity, and social justice sectors and for those who plan careers in social work, public health, and health professions. Additionally, it will provide an interdisciplinary theoretical foundation for students who pursue advanced research in Gender Studies, Education, Public Health, and other disciplines where Sexuality Studies is active.

Enhance your degree with ease.

The certificate enables you to add a supplement to your current degree program. Courses that you are already taking for your major may count towards this certificate.

Practical and Relevant.

The certificate responds to global, national, and provincial human rights and social justice debates where human sexuality is concerned. Students are particularly encouraged to make meaningful connections to how they understand these issues in both personal and political ways and, increasingly, to be informed with current academic analysis, data, knowledge, and metrics.


Eighteen course credits are required to complete the certificate: 

  • 6 units in core courses (HECOL 211 Human Sexuality and WGS 270 Feminism and Sexualities ) 
  • 12 credits from a list of approved courses that centre on sexuality

All students are encouraged to complete at least 3 credits from courses that take a decolonizing and/or Indigenous approach to the study of sexuality.


The Certificate in Sexuality Studies is an embedded interdisciplinary certificate; you earn the certificate while completing your undergraduate degree in any faculty. There is no additional cost to complete the certificate.

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