Women's and Gender Studies

Program Requirements

There are two options for completing the MA in Gender and Social Justice Studies:


The MA(Thes) program requires:

The MA(Crs) program requires:

  • 21 credits of graduate-level courses
  • a capping project (GSJ 900); the capping project is a portfolio/synthesizing document that highlights students' learning in the program and that will include:
    • a major research paper,
    • a field statement,
    • a creative project,
    • or a policy/program/legal analysis

All GSJ students 
are required to complete:

  • GSJ 501 (Praxis Workshop), which includes a mandatory Community Service-Learning component (see GSJ 501 listing on Graduate Courses page for details).    
  • GSJ 502 (Research Workshop)
  • a minimum of 12 credit courses in GSJ (including the above required courses)
  • the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research ethics requirement

Other possible requirements:

  • Graduate students who have not taken a course in Feminist Research Methodologies (or the equivalent) will normally be required to take WGS 302 (in addition to their other courses; audit or for credit).
  • A theory course may also be required (if adequate coverage was not obtained in the student's first degree).

Note: There is no residence requirement.